Capoeira meeting in Copenhagen 19th to 22rd March 2009


Thursday March the 19th
17:00-17:30 Registration
17:30-18:30 Capoeira / Maculêlê (all participants)
19:00-20:00 Roda

Friday March the 20th
18:00-18:30 Afro (warm up) (all participants)
18:30-20:30 Capoeira all levels

Friday night: Capoeira Café Friday night
21:30-23:00 Lunch/film: Vida de mandingueiro & Maré
23:00- ?? djs/ Live brazilian beats jam
Place: Stoeberiet – kultur p Blaagaards Plads Blaagaards Plads 3

Saturday March the 21st
12-00-14:30 Capoeira all levels
14:30-15:00 Pause
15:00-19:30 Capoeira all levels & jongo, percussions (samba, samba reagge), forró

Saturday night: Sambatime Brazilian party
22.00 – ?? Sambatime-Brazilian party
Place : Operaen, Christiania (Entré: 60 Kr.)

Sunday March the 22nd
12:00-15:00 Capoeira all levels & Coco/umbigada
15:00-16:30 Roda – kids batizado
16:30-17:00 Good bye Roda

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  1. Jacob

    Subject: 4th Capoeira Meeting in Copenhagen: 8 Capoeira Plus events

    Hi everybody,
    This year we’re happy to announce our friend contra-mestre Forró has agreed to offer training in the dance Coco also known as Coco de Umbigada. According to tradition the dance has it’s origins in slaves breaking coconuts for there dinner. And it’s great fun.
    We’re also happy to announce contra-mestre Forró has agreed to repeat his Jongo training from last year. Jongo is another popular Brazilian dance with its roots among coffee workers (slaves) in the Rio area. When slavery was abolished the slaves moved to Rio bringing the dance. Jongo is considered to be an early form of Samba.
    This is just two of the 8 Capoeira Plus events were hosting during the 4th Capoeira Meeting in Copenhagen.

    See films about Coco, Jongo and the other Capoeira Plus events on the program:

    And do remember the Brazilian party: Sambatime Saturday 21st of March 2009 we’re pulling all the stops and going partying at Operaen in Christiania – Brazilian style.

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